Monthly Tuesday Luncheon

Deukmejian Grand Ballroom, 15105 Mission Hills Road, Mission Hills, CA 91345


11:00 a.m. Social Hour; 12:00 p.m. Luncheon


Tom Bozigian grew up in the Armenian community of Fresno, where he learned language, music and dance from both Caucasian and Anatolian Armenians. He earned a B.A. in Russian Studies and an M.A. in education from Fresno State University. In 1973, Tom was invited to study Armenian dance choreography at the Sayat Nova Institute in Armenia. Since then, he travels to Armenia each year to continue his research, and he works with various institutions and specialists. Presently, Tom teaches weekly dance classes in Southern California communities and plays Armenian and Greek music with a trio of musicians, who have recorded two CDs.